20 Top Back-linking Strategies for SEO specialist

20 SEO backlink strategy 2012I’ve got this information online and want to share it to the SEO practitioners and readers of this site. One great factor for ranking certain web page or brand is through quality back-links. We have identified 20 back linking strategies that you can apply. But first and foremost before starting this strategy you need to know some important tasks. Before building links to a certain site you need to know what brand, keywords or anchor text you should used. You need also to have a precise description for that web page or content. Now if you are ready for this you need to know these twenty(20) starter top back linking strategies which you can use to start your link building strategy. I know that this list can enable you to be successful in your back linking pursuits. This idea was also shared by SEO profiler, one of the top SEO tool providers in the internet. We have just sorted this information so that it can benefit the readers especially those who are starting to do link building campaign.

These are the following:

1. Website directories

2. Article directories

3. eBook directories

4. Podcast directories

5. Software directories

6.Tutorial directories

7. Video directories

8. White paper directories

9. Blog site

10. Content sites

11. Affiliate program directories

12. Award sites

13. Job offer sites

14. Press release sites

15. Social media sites

16. Question & answer sites

17. Shopping sites

18. Slide & presentation sites

19. Social news sites

20. Yellow Pages sites

We know that building your back links is one of the challenges these days. We know that we are in the time of competition so if you are not good enough to understand about this strategy you will be left out and it would profit you nothing. That is why we know that applying the things you’ve read in this article can help you to start and be successful in your link building strategy. We know that there are more advance strategies and technique when it comes to building up your back links but we know starting with the basics would lead you to be at the top of the search engine result page (SERP).

One thing I would like you to remember is to provide correct information and never do any spamming act.

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