Scrum Master & Agile in the Philippines

Outsource Scrum master philippinesIn the Philippines scrum master are few and most of them are employed to a big company that has a group of developers. Most of the freelance company doesn’t still have scrum master since they only do project through personal or direct contact with the developers. Since this was usually being done by many clients locally and abroad most of their work will turn into what we call “waterfall”. Waterfall in term of development would lead to a developed software that don’t actually give client exact solution for their requirements. If that developed solution by a developer is not accomplishing the requirements of a client there will be tendencies that they need to start another development which will turn to waste of time and money. To solve this issue scrum master can do something so that this will not happen during the development.  The article below will give us understanding why scrum master and agile are important.

What is scrum master and agile?
Scrum master would give a higher customer satisfaction rates. They have better project deliverable and provide accurate estimate for certain task. They also control the project schedule with the developers.

Agile refers to a development process that is aligned to the concepts of the Agile Manifesto.
The concept of Agile Manifesto “We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value.”

Why scrum master is needed?

  1. Individual and interaction over processes and tools
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  4. Responding to change over following a plan

There is value in the items on the right, the items on the left is more valuable.

Scrum roles and responsibility:

ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Team are part of the Scrum. Each scrum roles has their own respective or defined responsibilities.

1. ScrumMaster – It is the keeper of the process & responsible for making the process and productivity efficiently organized. Facilitate meetings with the product owner and team. They have the responsibility which include:
a) Coordinate the Development team and Product Owner to work together. Product owners is incharge or drive the development.
b) Help and teach Product Owner how to achieve his/her objective.
c) Facilitate the development team by improving their lives and keep motivated.
d) Improved development team productivity and practices
e) Keep good records for the team progress and success.

2. Project Owner – The provider of ideas, give interface between the business, the customers and product related. Provider of feature and bug-fix request to the team. He work closely to the team to define user interface and technical requirements. He document the requirements needed and determine the order of their implementation. Maintain the product Backlog, keeping it up to date and at the level of details and quality the Team requires. Sets the schedules of releasing completed work to customers and implementation for the features and quality for that complete work.

3. Team – It is a self-organized group of people who do the development and testing of the product. Responsible and had the authority how to perform the work. They can break the work into tasks, allocated tasks to individuals through the Sprint. Team is sometimes compose of five to nine people.

Learn more about agile so that you can be able to see how scrum master can work with your projects.

Scrum master & agile are essential to small or big web development programs.  It enables certain program to be properly organized, develop a program and provide very smart functional system that can be used by many online users today. Hire an Outsource Scrum Master in Eyewebmaster today and you will see the difference between other style of development strategy that are available online.


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